A mining and crafting game

WonderMine is a mining and crafting game located in Decentraland where players mine meteors and craft NFTs. It’s created by Radix, Chestnutbruze (a.k.a Sevalla) and Lew.


On August 17, 2017, Radix, a member who contributed with ideas to the early development of Decentraland, posted on GitHub a proposal to create a district that consisted of an Amusement Park with Carnival Games. After a first failed vote in Agora (the system used back in the days to submit district proposals), Radix would win the district proposal in August 24th, 2018.

Radix would later develop multiple games (with Chestnutbruze) for Decentraland. In fact, some of those games would win game jams organized by Decentraland and would be added to the Amusement Park:

After adding the games to the Amusement Park, Radix realized that in order for people to come back, he would need to make a game with a progression system and an economy. In 2020, Radix and Chestnutbruze started the development of Wondermine and the district got renamed ‘Wonderzone Amusement Park’. That same year, Lou joined the team.

On June 3 2020, the game was released for the beta test, reaching an approx. amount of 100 players. On August 2020, the team released a leaderboard system and a ‘Crafting Machine’ which allowed players to craft WonderZone NFTs. At that same time, a roadmap was released.

WonderMine was also one of the first projects to release wearables on Layer 1. On 17th October 2020 (at the Decentraland Fashion Show 2.0), the collections Legendary Steampunk and the Mythic Wonderbot were released.

How to play WonderMine

On Wondermine, meteors fall from the sky on a random times basis. Once the player sees a meteor on the ground, they will have to run to it and then click it to mine it for gems and metals using a pickaxe.

Each player starts on Wondermine with a stone pickaxe that can later be upgraded over time as the player’s game level increases. By using the collected resources from the meteors, players can mint/craft NFTs, including pickaxes using the in-game crafting machine.

In addition to this, the game has an in-game currency represented by a coin on the right side of the screen. Those coins are needed to mine meteors and each one consumes five of them.

WonderMine’s Coins can be gained every 24 hours if the player logs into the game. This means that if a player is unable to log in for three days, he will receive 100 coins and not 300 since coins do not accumulate. It’s also possible to purchase coins by paying MANA.

Wondermine Picture

Leadership Board

The live leadership board is prominently placed in the gaming area. The Top game players’ names are displayed on the board.

Wondermine Leaderboard


This is a list of available NFTs on Wondermine:

Pickaxe NFTs

ImagePicaxe nameSupplyMining bonusExtra bonusLink (OpenSea)
Diamond (available to mint)15050%Check
Wondergem1000050%Gives extra WonderGem(s)Check
Extravagant 5050%Extra Diamonds and WonderGems!Check
Lava100050%40% on Ruby Bonus (One per player. Must be level +50)Check
ICE20050%30% Diamonds and 30% Platinum bonusCheck

Wearables (seasonal competitions)

WonderMine now has different seasons where players can mint wearables. Season one started on 16 October 2022 and the following NFTs can be crafted:

ImageWearable nameSupplyMin. levelLink
WZ Headless (Season 1)Epic (1000)20Check
Rugged Cowboy Hat (Season 1)Epic (1000)20Check
WZ Venetian Green Cap (Season 1)Epic (1000)20Check
WZ Venetian Red Cap (Season 1)Epic (1000)30Check
WZ S1 Galaxy Sneakers (Season 1)Epic (1000)30Check
WZ Marcel Mask (Season 1)Epic (1000)40Check
WZ Murasaki Ronin Hat (Season 1)Legendary (100)50Check
WZ Murasaki Ronin Torso (Season 1)Legendary (100)50Check
WZ Murasaki Ronin Legs
WZ Murasaki Ronin Legs (Season 1)Legendary (100)50Check

Wearables (collections)

The developers periodically introduce various collections of Decentraland wearables:

ImageCollection nameDescriptionCollection itemsLink
Wonderzone X-mas Collection 2021Each item gives a 2% mining bonus.4Check
WonderpunkIt was released on March 27th in an announcement made on a tweet and it was available for crafting.5Check
WZ Footwear Spring 2022It was released on March 27th in an announcement made on a tweet and it was available for crafting.1Check
WonderZone Dragon RiderIt says that it “Gives bonuses in WonderZone games.” It was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.5Check
WonderZone x ICE Poker SkeletonIn the words of WonderZone: “The Skeleton also gives a nice mining bonus in-game!” It is level 75+ It was available for crafting on Sept 16, 2022. 1Check
Wonder AuraIt was dropped to all WonderMine Event Photo holders.1Check
WonderZone x ICE PokerThis wearable NFT has utility with a 2% mining bonus in WonderMine and it also grants access to ICE Poker Tournament Mode from Decentral Games. It was airdropped to the 1,000 Wondermine players who mined the most meteors in August 2022.1Check
WZ MC Motorcycle ClubThis collection was released on May 8th 2022 in an announcement made on a tweet and it was available for crafting.3Check
MCMC Red Motorcycle JacketThis collection got approved on August 12 2022 and it’s possible to buy the items on the Decentraland Marketplace.3Check
Wonderzone Cybertorian CoatIt was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.1Check
Wonderzone Pride CollectionIt was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.3Check
Meteorchaser Set*It was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.5Transmitters, Shoes, Dustmask, Trousers, Hardhat
Plastic SurgeryIt was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.1Check
Horns Of WonderIt was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.6Check
WonderZone Apparel Fall 2021It was available for crafting on Nov 14, 2021.2Check
Steampunk Set* It become available for the first time at the Decentraland Fashion Show Mall on Oct 18, 2020. It was announced in a Tweet. It gives bonuses when mining.6Trousers, Mask, Boots, Goggles, Jacket, Top Hat
Wonderbot Set*An action and giveaways took place for the first time on October 21, 2020. It gives a bonus in the game.6Head, Goggles, Legs, Hat, Chestpiece, Feet
* Technically not an official Decentraland collection because these are wearables on Layer 1 (Ethereum) and the collection feature didn’t exist at that time.

How to craft wearables on WonderMine (Crafting Machine)

Step 1. Visit the crafting machine located in the game. 

Step 2. Scroll the machine to choose the NFT to craft. A number of NFTs supply available will be shown on the machine. 

Step 3. The lever of the machine will turn green if the player has sufficient resources to buy the NFT. 

Step 4. Click the lever and a holographic image of the NFT will appear.

Step 5. Click the image (optional)

WonderMine Crafting Machine

How to Mint an NFT after crafting on WonderMine

Step 1. Visit https://wondermine.wonderzone.io/claimitem 

Step 2. Connect the wallet.

Step 3. Ensure the wallet is on Polygon Mainnet.

Step 4. On the web page titled ‘Claim your crafted wearables’, look for your status in the row showing your wearable NFT.

Step 5. Click the button ‘Claim’.

Step 6. Approve the gas fees on Polygon.

Step 7. The wallet activity will show the status of the transaction (depending upon the type of gas fee paid and network traffic, the transaction can take a few seconds to a few hours)

Step 8. Once the transaction is approved, the NFT will appear in OpenSea/Decentraland inventory.