Knights of Antrom

a Medieval Fantasy RPG on Decentraland

Knights of Antrom (previously known as Dice Masters) is a play to earn RPG set in medieval times with elements of fantasy and adventure. The project was cofounded in May of 2022 by Matt and Yannakis. Users can develop their character over time by gathering resources such as wood, iron, bones, and other materials to craft off-chain and NFT items and wearables. These stat-boosting items enable the user to become more successful in combat and some can even increase the number of resources which can be harvested. Resources can also be used to redeem access to particular areas and unique experiences. Additionally, resources give specific skill-based experience points that level up over time.

The combat mechanism is a click-based style which incorporates ‘luck of the dice’ elements to determine attack success and damage done. As the user levels up their player level, these attributes increase gradually. Early on, only the easiest enemies to defeat will appear. As the player levels up their character, unlocking new areas, more challenging monsters will spawn in the game. Some enemies in Knights of Antrom have standardized stats, while others are based on the users’ stats and level. This allows all users to fight against battling challenging enemies regardless of their level.

Another element of the game is quests and mini-quest events. Players will be tasked with solving simple to complex problems plaguing the kingdom of Antrom and are rewarded with resources, special wearables, and gold. The quests can be seasonal or run for an extended amount of time depending on what the challenge at hand is. Users will solve puzzles, collect items, speak to various NPCs, and battle bosses and mini-bosses to complete these quests. They can compete to place on leaderboards for speed of completion occasionally as well, where special rewards are given.

Professions are another important element of Knights of Antrom. By gathering resources, the user’s profession levels increase over time. Professions also include special, limited-edition wearables which boost the harvesting of resources and grant access to various profession guilds. In these guilds, the user has access to an exclusive area where they can view profession leaderboards, trade resources for gold, and gamble resources using the slot machine, among other features.

The team at Knights of Antrom uses a technique called ‘instancing’ which allows for many different scenes to be displayed all on one estate. Thanks to this technique, many different worlds, scenes, and areas can be built into the experience, giving it an expansive and exploratory feel. Each user can even purchase their own private home where they can gather resources and make upgrades and cosmetic changes in the future. Though every user initially appears in Antrom, the main kingdom, there is a whole world to explore.