A mini-golf game where players can earn wearables

Golfcraft is a minigolf game (made by Eibriel and Pablo) where players can gather materials to craft items and earn resources passively. The game has three main game modes (training, competition, and tournament) which usually consist of sending a ball to a target. Players can also make use of an in-game level editor.


Pablo and Eibriel started experimenting with Decentraland in 2019 participating in game jams organized for the platform. In 2021 they decided to focus full-time on the platform.

Mini golf GameJam entry that inspired the creation of GolfCraft

Pablo had the idea of making a physics-based mini-golf game with crafting and building mechanics. On August 25, 2021, he announced the development with Eibriel in a tweet showing a work-in-progress video.

The current build was made by PolygonalMind. It’s inspired by solarpunk architecture and has four levels where different sections of the game can be distributed. In 2022 Eibriel and Pablo decided to create the company OhMyVerse, to continue the development of the game.

Game Modes


At the lobby players can Train by completing different challenges: reaching the hole in up to 3 shots, hitting a mark in just 1 shot, collecting all the Voxters and collecting checkpoints.

By playing on Training players can earn Golden Coins and Surprise Tickets.

Training Board


At the first floor players can enter on a competition with other 2 players (after paying 20 Golden Coins).

In Competition Fashion Tickets, Golden Coins and Diamonds can be earned.

Competition Board


Codes to compete in Tournament can be found on the GolfCraft Discord, or in the GolfCraft website.

These tournaments are created by the community, and crafting materials can be earned playing here.

Tournament Board

Course Editor

Using the materials received when playing Tournaments players can craft Course Parts. And with those parts create their own golf courses.

Anyone can design golf courses, but to publish them a GolfLand is needed. This NFT can be claimed using the diamonds received in the game.

In game Course Editor