Exodus: Goodbye World

an M.R.P.G built in Decentraland

Exodus is an adventure Metaverse Role-Playing Game (M.R.P.G) built in Decentraland at coordinates 126,44 on a 10×15 estate. The game is a “skill to earn” and consists of training four skills (woodchopping, fishing, mining, and cooking) as well as doing activities (scavenger Hunting, banking, and a merch shop). It’s currently being developed by the streamer JTV and a team of volunteers from his community.


Starting point

Players need to speak to the NPCs Hopper, Finn, or Cole to get started. Each NPC will give a specific tool that will be required to farm certain resources. As players level, they can obtain higher-level tools from Silas (the merchant shop owner) with in-game currency (Metamoney). Each tool is correlated to a level. For example, a player must have a level 70 hatchet to chop down a level 70 tree. Although, a player can use a higher-level hatchet to chop down a lower-level tree. This applies to each resource-gathering skill. Below is the list of available skills:


By speaking to Hopper (located at 127,44), the user will obtain a free level one Iron hatchet. With this tool, it’s possible to obtain wood by cutting down trees in the forest.


By speaking to Finn (located at coordinates 127,47), the user will obtain a free level one fishing rod. With this tool, players can fish at the lake.


By speaking to Cole (located at coordinates 131,49), the user will obtain a free Iron Pickaxe. With this tool, players should go to the mine and search for iron ore to find the resource.


To work on this skill, it’s not required to talk with any NPC (Non-Playable Character) although a chef character is located at coordinates 126,48. To start cooking, players must first obtain fish and logs. Then, they need to use a log and fish on any of the fire pits located around the map to cook it.

While cooking, players may burn some fish and they will start burning less as long as they keep increasing their level. After 40 levels above the required cooking level, fish will no longer be burnt. For example, a player that is level 40 will no longer burn a level 1 fish.


Scavenger Hunting

Players may notice small square dirt spots around Exodus which are scavenger hunt locations. When clicked, they will give a reward of currency or gems.

Currently, there are 10 scavenger hunt spots on each hunt. The scavenger hunt can be reset or renewed by giving a scavenger hunt token to the NPC Marge, located at coordinates 128,45.


The bank is located at coordinates 130,47. The purpose of the bank is to allow players to store resources after their inventory is full. The bank allows clicking the item they wish and choosing the quantity.

Merch Shop

Silas, the merch shop owner, is located at coordinates 130,49. There is a list of tools and NFTs that can be claimed by using Metamoney (the in-game currency). To obtain Metamoney, a player must gather resources and sell them to the merch shop.


This is a list of the items available at the game:

Image(s)NameUtilityHow to obtain
Skilling shardsNo utility at the moment.Players obtain these items by working at a skill. Each skill has four pieces and after combined a whole is created.
Scavenger Hunt TokenThis token allows players to play Scavenger Hunt all the times they want (by default, they can only play for free once a day).By working at any skill except for mining.
GeodeNo utility at the moment.By mining.
Enhanced scavenger hunt tokensFor a future magical chest that gives an undecided reward. No utility at the moment.By mining.


The USB stick on the UI represents the backpack. The inventory, equipment, tasks, and stats can be found when opened.

Tiers and Subscriptions

On Exodus, players can earn different NFTs as they progress in the game. Those NFTs are distributed on different tiers that users must have access to in order to obtain them. While Tier 0 is free, others have a cost.

Note that NFTs don’t give any advantage in the game and they are only aesthetic. In that sense, the paid tiers are the system the game has to monetize and receive financial support.

0 (default tier)Free.– All skills
1 It requires having any of the JTV’s Santa Hats*– All skills
– Beta currency
– Up to 6 months Beta**
– Small Airdrop
– 1 Month Free***
– PSH 2 months Free
2$99 USD on the website– All skills
– Beta currency
– Up to 6 months Beta*
– Large Airdrop
– 3 months Free**
– Merch Store (R)
3$249 on the website– All skills
– Beta currency
– Up to 6 months Beta**
– Huge Airdrop
– 6 months Free***
– Merch Store (R,L)
– Rare Exodus Cloak
4$999 on the website– All skills
– Beta currency
– Up to 6 months Beta**
– Mega Airdrop
– Lifetime Epic Cloak
– Merch Store (R,L,F)
– Pet Chimken
– Rare Exodus Cloak

* When Exodus was released, the game could only be played by people who owned JTV’s Santa Hats which were given on streams and different giveaways on Twitter. It’s also possible to buy them on the secondary market because many of them were burnt.

** ‘Up to 6 months Beta’ means that the game gives you 6 months to claim beta wearables.

*** 1,3 and 6 months means that you get 3 months of free gameplay after the beta is closed out. After this, the developers claim that Exodus may adopt a Battle Pass system.